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Adding On To Your Home - ADDITIONS

Indoor Pool Addition Luxemburg, WI

If you are thinking about adding on, or have already decided to add an addition on to your house, let us help you with the complete process so it doesn't become overwhelming. We can help you with the complete process from design, all the required construction drawings and documents, permits project management to completing all the final small details. We promise you that it will be a wonderful enlightening experience when you choose us.

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If you are thinking about adding on to your existing home you must have weighed the option of buying a new or different home with the space you are looking for. A few big reasons people add on to their existing home instead of moving are: (1)They love the area where they live. (2)They hate the moving process. (3)Having to sell their existing home in a reasonable amount of time so they don't end up paying two mortgages at once. (4)The cost's etc...


One of the first things you will want to do is figure out financially how much you want to spend building the new addition. When it comes time to get bids from contractors they will need to know what your budget is that way they can help you in the design process so as not to go over this budget. Every one loves to dream about all the things they would love to include in their new remodel but sometimes reality has to rear it's ugly head.

Some of the things people never think about when adding on square footage to a house is that the furnace and air conditioning most likely will have to be changed out to be able to to heat and cool the added room. This is of coarse an added cost you weren't thinking about but it will pay for itself over time because a furnace sized correctly operates more efficiently saving you money verses keeping the original equipment and having it operate overtime trying to keep up with the add room. This is just a given and needs to be figured in the budget.

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Obviously you already know why you need to add space but the questions is where? Depending on what you need space for sometimes will aid in where to add the additional space.

Maybe you want to add additional space to the kitchen you would obviously add on outward from an exterior wall that the kitchen is part of or adding a new bedroom you would more than likely want to add on somewhere where the other bedrooms are or possibly adding a second story for the new bedroom(s).

Sometimes in order to add space to one room you need to take room from an adjoining room and by doing this you will need to add on to the adjoining room. There are so many scenarios that I couldn't possibly list them all but depending on what you want to do will determine on what you will need to do. I will talk more about this later.

If lot lines and set backs don't allow you to add outward you can always go upward adding a second story. If more room is needed in the kitchen and adding out isn't an option then maybe taking a room from the first floor adding a second story and putting this room or rooms upstairs along with the new bedrooms that are also needed.

You see no matter what you run up against there is more than likely something that can be done. By hiring the right Design/Build Remodeling Company they can help figure things out.

Porch and Garage Addition in Suamico, WI


If you are adding on outward and increasing the overall footprint of your home you need to consider where your lot lines are and what the set backs from the lot lines are in order to find out how much or where you can add on. If you do not know exactly where your lot lines are you may have to hire a surveyor to find them and mark them for you. To find out what the required set backs are if you live in a city you will need to get a hold of the city Zoning Office or Building Inspector. If you live in a rural area either your County Zoning Office or your Township Zoning Official usually has this information or at least who to call to find this information out.

Another thing you will want to do is see if the subdivision you live in has a covenant. If it does check and see if there is anything in it covering adding an addition. It may have parameters you have to follow like size requirements or you may not be able to add a second story or maybe you can't add outward to the footprint of the home. Every subdivision covenant is different in some way or another so make sure you are checking on your own subdivision where you live. You will have to ask your local municipality where these types of records are kept.

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After you know where your lot lines are and what the set backs are now you can determine where you can add on depending on the size and layout of the new addition.

When adding outward you have the cost of foundations for the new floor to rest on. If you have a basement already and really don't need more basement then the way to go is with 4' frost walls instead of 8' high basement walls. This will save you in excavation costs including , more times than none, the cost of hauling the additional 4' of excavated dirt away. You will also of course save on foundation cost. People may say to you "Why not just make it basement because you aren't saving a bundle anyway?". Well if you don't need more basement why not take what you are saving, on not putting a basement in, and add it into the details of the added space that you do need? you know the details that make it your own.

You can always hire a Design/Build Remodeling Company or architect to help with the design at this time and they can draw up the necessary blueprints for you.


If you are thinking about adding a second story you will have to check with your local zoning office to see what the height restrictions are in your area.

Another thing to think about is that you will need to have a stairwell to get to the second story. This stairwell will take up space on your existing 1st floor so you will have to think of where on the first floor would be the best place to have it without having to remodel a big portion of your existing 1st floor. Again remember that this will also affect the new second floor layout wherever you decide to put it. You can always hire a Design/Build Remodeling Company or architect to help with the design at this time and they can draw up the necessary blueprints for you.


So many things to think about but these are what makes the design your own and reflects your personality through the details you choose. This is where the fun begins but keep in mind you do have a budget that you don't want to go over. Going over your budget can make this new project nothing but dread and regret after you finish instead of joy and pride like it should be. Remember you have to still afford to be able to pay it off without putting a strain on your finances.

Some of the obvious details to think about are colors, wall and ceiling textures, flooring, windows and electrical and plumbing fixtures.

Some of the less obvious details but the ones that can really bring things together are the architectural details. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Arch or Arc doorway passageways, room division details, Wainscoting, Chair rails, Coffered ceilings, Tray ceilings, Dormers, Mill- work, Fireplaces and Mantels, Built in shelving, etc... Way too many things to actually list.

Don't let this become a daunting task though, leave yourself plenty of time and just take one thing at a time and figure it out. That's what makes it yours and a lot of fun.

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