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From free garage consultation to garage design and drawings, through your garage ideas and taste, to building and completing your garage on time and at a fair competitive price. No need to get anyone else involved. When you receive our proposal it will include everything even the excavation and concrete foundation unless you specify you don't want us to include certain things. You don't even have to get the permits as we are a reputable garage building company so we get the permits for you and even budget them in the garage, storage, pole building estimate so you know what the project is actually going to cost when it is completed and there are no surprise additional costs at the end.

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Attached Garage Abrams WI


If you do not have a garage to keep your vehicles in you are missing the great advantages of a garage, Especially in the winter. Can you imagine getting up for work and not having to start your car early enough just to defrost your windows or having to broom off all the snow and ice from the storm last night. If you're not dressed warm enough (and who is unless you have a job that requires working outdoors) you end up freezing the whole time while you are getting bursts of snow in your face and down your shirt from the loose snow that is blowing as you clean off your car. If you are running late you end up taking a chance at trying to look out that little hole in the frost that your heater just starts to melt as you drive down the road. I'm sure you at least saw someone else driving dangerously like that.

Now just imagine, during the winter, getting into your car push a button to open the overhead door start the car and drive out push the button one more time to close the door and off you go, just like that. The time and frustration it saves you every morning is more than enough motivation to build that garage. Not to mention if you ever had to drive dangerously with just a small peep hole in the frosty windshield to look through because you didn't have the time to properly clean all the glass.

In the summer we don't have those problems but what we do have is the cars finish being deteriorated by the hot sun's ultraviolet rays beating on it most every day. Then there is the rain with all those chemicals in it from industry smoke stacks.

Next to our house our cars are our next biggest investment and through our lifetimes we each end up going through approximately 1 vehicle every 5-6 years before we trade or sell each one. Keeping a car in a garage when not in use will keep it looking good for resale value. By the way 1 garage will last you a lifetime of cars.

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Now imagine not having to walk in the cold blowing wind at all!! Just open a door from the house and walk right into your garage and into the car, or vice-versa. Also less steps when brining in groceries or stuff you bought from the store.

If you store stuff in the garage you don't have to go outside to get to the garage. Believe me when I say "I wish I had an attached garage just for this reason".


A garage is not only a great place for vehicles, it's a great storage spot for lawn, yard and garden tools and equipment like lawn mowers, rotor-tillers, snow-blowers, hand tools etc.

Garages most of the time have attics so why not turn this space into storage by adding "Spread Web Storage Trusses" with heavier ceiling joists for a floor and stairs to get into the storage area. You can't believe the stuff you can store in the garage attic like all your holiday decorations, old personal or business files, hunting and camping gear, sports gear etc. The stuff you can store up there out of the way will take up less closet space in the house and basement. Then maybe you can have your basement finished like you always wanted because you just freed up a lot of space.


  • How many cars do you want to fit in the garage side by side?
  • Are you going to also store your lawn and garden equipment and how much room are you going to need for such equipment.
  • Are you going to work on cars or a hobby in your garage where you will need a bigger workbench and room for tool storage.
  • Are you going to need workspace for working even when all the cars, lawn and garden equipment is also in the garage?
  • Do you need additional storage space where you would require additional square footage, or can you get by with storage options in which can be hung from the ceiling joists.
  • Do you need storage inside the trusses with spread-web storage trusses or maybe even a room using bonus room trusses although depending on the width of the garage and the pitch of the truss you can actually pretty much use the cheaper storage trusses and for the most part have a room without the expense.

Free Standing Garage Abrams WI

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