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Wisconsin Septic Systems

Are you building a new house or is your current septic system (P.O.W.T.S.) failing. Look no further we can help. We are a licensed septic system installer (Master Plumber Restricted Service #639251) in the state of Wisconsin. We can help you with the entire process from the soil test (perk test) to design, permits and installation with final grade and grass seeding complete. Schedule a Septic System consultation today!!


Before you can even pull a building permit to build your house you have to have a sanitary permit. In order to obtain a sanitary permit you first must get ahold of a licensed Septic System installer, and we are a fully licensed Septic Systems installer in Wisconsin. We will need some basic information about the house you will be building, mainly square footage of finished area and # of bedrooms you are planning to build. We will contract with a certified soil tester and they will come to the site to do a soil and site evaluation. He will be using a back hoe to dig anywhere between 3 to 6 - 6' deep test holes to do a soil evaluation to determine what type of Septic System you will require. This cost will be payable at the time the soil tester comes to the site to perform the evaluation and you will need to issue cash or check payable to the Certified Soil Tester for between $350.00-$450.00 usually.

The Site and Soil evaluation should really be performed first of all because it will determine the budget left for the rest of the project as Septic Systems can range between $3000.00-$13,000.00.

Also In some cases the site and soil evaluation will determine where you can and cannot place the house. Sometimes the place where you would like to put your home may be the best place to put a cheaper Septic System.

While the soil tester is there he will also map out an area on your lot where a replacement system can be placed incase the first septic system would fail to work properly in the future.

The soil tester will then have the soil test registered at the County where the land is located and also forward the evaluation papers to us so we can then give an estimate of the cost to install the proper Septic System.

As soon as you sign a contract with us we will draw up the plans, submit them to the county or state for approval. Once they are approved a Sanitary Permit can be issued and then you can take this to your builder or building inspector to then apply for a full building permit.

If you should have any questions or would like us to build the septic system for you please give us a call at 715-745-5681 and ask for Al. We DO NOT use inferior products to keep our costs down and make a bigger profit from the job, we build it with the best materials and techniques prolonging the life of your new Septic System.

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When water starts bubbling up through the ground in and around the drain feild area chances are you will need a complete new Septic System installed, or at minimum the drainfeild, to the new P.O.W.T.S codes per the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Division.

A failing septic system can also leach into the ground water in turn can render your and or your neighbors wells undrinkable. This is why you want to have your septic system inspected every three years minimum to make sure it is not failing and hopefully catch the problem before its too late.

Also if a mandatory 3-year evaluation determines that your Septic System is not performing as required what ever parts that are not performing as they should will either have to be repaired or replaced.

If financial help is required for you to have your existing Septic System replaced or repaired we may be able to help, just ask us and we will do what we can.


The State wants to protect the waters of the state including our drinking water by making sure that a maintenance program is being implemented on all installed Septic Systems. Everyone who drinks water can agree this is a good program to make sure the water we are drinking is not contaminated by failing Septic Systems draining untreated water into our ground water and aquifers.

All septic systems installed in on or after July 1st 2000 were included in the State mandatory maintenance program which states that all P.O.W. T. S. Septic System owners must have thier tanks pumped at least once every 3-years and and an evaluation performed by a certified P.O.W.T.S. inspector. We can pump and perform this evaluation for you if you are looking for someone to perform this necessary maintenance program. We will automatically schedule it to be done every three years so you don't have to worry about remembering to have it done. We can also pump your tank at earlier intervals if you would like.

The State has now made it mandatory that all county governments take a complete inventory of every residence and its P.O.W.T.S Septic system even the ones installed prior to July 1st, 2001 and enter them into the maintenance program. The evaluations must be done on the septic systems that were not in the maintenance program right away. This evaluation may find that your septic system is not performing as it is required to and may have to be replaced. Hopefully this does not happen to you but if it does we can help you with this. The State has a program called the (Wisc. Fund) or POWTS Replacement or Rehabilitation Financial Assistance Program and the code to look up for more information on this is SPS 387.

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